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It was 2008 and I had been working in Hospitality following the typical route of study, job, career, marriage, debt… and then the rug was pulled out from my comfort zone when I was retrenched.

At this point, I made a decision to build my own consulting business, bought a business for my wife, and with no income went into even more debt.

While networking to grow our businesses I was introduced to Network Marketing and for the 1st time socialised with people outside of my industry.

I heard things like “Live life by your terms”.

“Build your own goals and dreams”.

“Have multiple streams of income”.

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job” and many more.

Through this, I was introduced to Personal Development, public speaking, and coaching.

I was hooked.

I began creating my own material by learning from masters in the industry: Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, and many more.

For over 16 years I created my own training programs in combination with the masters in the industry.


I became sidetracked by the need for money and sold my soul to the devil taking a job that sapped the life out of me until I reached breaking point and fired my narcissistic boss in 2018 vowing never to be an employee again.

For 10 years I had multiple sideline businesses generating cash flow which allowed me the opportunity to evaluate my life, asking questions:

“What is my true life purpose?

"I thought I would be further ahead in life by now - what is wrong with the picture?"

"Is this all my life is about - Hard work and struggle?"

"Surely there must be more to life?”

You get the picture.


In January 2021, my wife and I sold our family home, put some valued possessions in storage, converted a van, and hit the road to travel South Africa for a year.

It was an amazing experience and while traveling, I was able to attend many online seminars and courses.

During one of these, I had an epiphany.

I felt like I had found the missing piece of the "why" puzzle.

It was through a program of defining my core values, and my purpose, that I made the connection that a person's "WHY" (their goals and dreams) needs to be aligned to WHO they are.  

Throughout my years of developing networks and coaching, it felt like there was a missing piece of the "why" puzzle.

I had a strong "why" that kept me focused and inspired me to keep going, whatever hurdles or challenges life threw at me.

But I needed to understand why 99% of people quit on their dreams and goals when challenges arise, and they revert back to their default position, which was their reason for change in the first place.  

My goal and motivation were to live life by my rules, provide security for my family, travel without financial or time restrictions, and have a combination of passive and active income as a digital nomad.

I have a clear vision of what personal freedom is and know that by achieving this, I can inspire others to take action toward living their life purpose.  

After 2018, when I fired my last boss, life became a rollercoaster ride of abundance, overseas trips, financial loss, and near ruin with the market crash in early and mid-2022.

This created stress, a lack of hope, and conviction in my abilities, as well as the most expensive school fees you could ever imagine.

I was creating a pattern that needed to change if I was to achieve my dreams and goals.


A person need only loose his wealth so many times before the realisation that the universe is sending a message that perhaps his path lies elsewhere.

It was June 2022 when the light went on and the ‘realisations’ I had experienced made sense.

Go back to what you love doing, and are passionate about - what your life purpose is all about.

Personal development, coaching, and professional speaking.

I have taken 16 years of knowledge, studies, and experience and combined this to create my own signature program to help people transform from Who they are now to Who they want to be.

There have been multiple shifts in my offering as it has matured with the latest being Transformational Breathwork.


After 2, 3 or 4 decades following a career it is only normal for people to ask “Is this all there is to my life?”

And “What is my purpose?”.

We follow a path told to use by our peers and life while this is unlikely to be our true path.

I struggled for years working out my purpose, my values, and my driving motivation.

Now I have compiled a process to help others.

My coaching is a combination of my journey and learnings, however, there is one key difference.

I needed to understand a way to help people transition into a new way of thinking and to do this you need to drop old, outdated habits and stresses that no longer serve.

BreathWork has been added as a new modality when I experienced the true benefits of this in helping me drop the old baggage I had been carrying inside of me - much of it without realising and to help release this indoctrinated program we all have to identify who we really are.

If I am to coach/train/mentor on a new way of thinking to help people design the best versions of themselves it can only be done from a place of peace and calmness in order to accept the new into your life.

This was my journey - one of discovering my true path so I can provide real impact to my clients and those around me.

The great thing is - you don’t need to sell your home and travel to discover your Purpose in life.


Too many of us go into industries we are not passionate about.

We follow the route as society has told us to take and yet we could be missing our true calling.

I missed mine for years.

If I could go back to 36-year-old me and share the information, tools, strategies, and insights I now have where would my life be now?

At 51 I am more excited, energised, motivated, and sure of my future than I have ever been.

Now I understand how we can move forward into the next chapter of our lives with more ease and peace through dealing with the stresses.

Now that I have added a holistic healing process into my program, the immediate results that clients experience helps them to move forward to becoming the person they want to be.

Start With Transformational Breathwork

Living and working in high-paced, highly stressed environments compound a life of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, lacking focus, having short attention spans, and ultimately ill health.

This is why I have transformed my Professional Pointer coaching program to START with STRESS RELEASE.

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