Transformational | Holistic | Coaching | Stress Release | Breathwork


Pointing Business Entrepreneurs and owners in a new direction to find purpose and meaning in life from a stress free state.



Have you ever felt that you’re living a life that is not true to who you really are?

You feel that you’re failing or have lost your passion and that you would be a lot further in life by now having a lot more potential inside of you that you have not honoured.

Living inside you are things that have deep meaning, are of value not only to you, your family but also society and this is evident in where your passion lies, but as yet it remains untapped.

You can spend the rest of your life living with unfulfilled dreams and ambitions not knowing what they really are and putting your life energy into a version of you that no longer serves you which is causing you until stress, or you could discover your greatest source of inspiration, passion, creativity and

 begin to appreciate and live the real you.

Don't spend another day under the illusion that you're failing and not making progress towards your goals and dreams.

There's no need to judge yourself, because the very thing you've been looking for has always been there, right in front of you, WITHIN.

Identifying what you value most, your life purpose and driving reason why you do what you want to do in all areas of your life will empower you and allow you to work towards a more joy filled and fully filled life.

Creating a stress free state for you to work from leading to the unpacking of your values, why these drive you and how you can maintain this new journey leads to a clear path of knowing your true life purpose resulting in a more harmonious life.

Transformational | Holistic | Coaching | Stress Release | Breathwork


Pointing Business Entrepreneurs and owners in a new direction to find purpose and meaning in life from a stress free state.


The 3 step process to take you from WHO you are to WHO you want to be and beyond.

When you know the real YOU, not the one that society has programmed you into being, or the one your parents, the media, government or peers has told you to be, but the REAL YOU only then are people able to move forward towards their true life potential.


Whether you wish to feel more fulfilled, improve your business, have closer family relations, transform your health or just start to understand yourself on a deeper level it all begins with knowing WHO you are and WHO you want to become.

The most important part.

Taking action today.

For if not now, with me, then when and with who!

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What people said about the past workshops:


5 Stars

“Thank you so very much for the zoom last night.  For many years I have had the belief that whatever you say comes back at you and last night all 4 of the amazing speakers affirmed that for me."


5 Stars

“This was a great event.  All the speakers were fantastic.  Motivation and a new approach to our goals. Can’t wait for the next one”


5 Stars

Today’s meeting was even amazing than before. It was incredible. I learned so much and had a few changes for my perspective. Of course in a better way. I encourage everyone to join as many workshops as possible. You’ll be surprise what you’ll learn”

Leslie Rochelle

5 Stars

“Thank you so much for hosting and asking me to join in on the fun.  loved it!” 


5 Stars

“Loved the event - just what I needed to do - a 30 day assessment of 2023 and actually set goals.  Thank you all”.  


5 Stars

“I’m doing my 1% a day!.  That was a game changing realisation for me.  Thank you Tim!!” 

Karla Steenkamp (SA)

5 Stars

“I highly recommend Tim Wagner as a breathwork facilitator and workshop leader. I've had the privilege of attending his breathwork sessions and monthly workshops, and they were truly amazing experiences.

Tim is not only incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in his craft, but he's also a kind and wise individual. He has a remarkable ability to connect with people, making him easy to talk to and a superb friend.

If you're seeking personal growth and well-being, Tim is the person you want by your side."

Lynn Hare (USA)

5 Stars

“Tim’s coaching is practical and inspirational. His coaching tips are presented with humor and a good-natured, warm-hearted style.

Tim’s active listening and interactive synergy are engaging. I enjoyed practical tips that he shared in his August 2023 workshop called “Elevate Your End Game” when he shared takeaways from a marathon he ran in. 

Tim’s practical tips about how to reduce stress and to activate your Goals, Achievements, and Plans are fantastic. His enthusiasm is contagious.

I highly recommend him!”   

Helen Bauzon (Australia) 

5 Stars

“Tim conducts his workshops with absolute clarity, engagement and receives a high level of interaction from the workshop participants. 

This is a reflection of Tim's engaging communication skills and sharing of knowledge with very effective breathing techniques.

I would highly recommend you engage Tim Wagner to be coached, supported and pointed in the right direction to achieve your goals.”  

Yoke Van Dam (SA)

5 Stars

“I was very fortunate to share the stage with Tim at his monthly Chasing your Dreams sessions in July, 2023. Tim arranged a very professional event that set the tone for an audience to arrive, ranging from Australia to the UK, South Africa, Canada, and even India. Besides offering a keynote and opener himself, he offered real value in his event with three other speakers from South Africa, Canada, and Australia.  

Through his breathwork practices and icebreakers, he energized the group and set them up for success. He is authentic in his work and willing to share the hard lessons he had to learn from himself.

You will find great value in engaging with him as a coach and as a speaker”.

Pete Beskas (USA)

5 Stars

“I highly recommend Tim and his transformational breathwork sessions.

What Tim worked me through was really ACTIVE and in the first session I really felt the physical effects of the transformational breathwork.

It took our 2nd session to really feel the power of the program.

I look forward to working with Tim again in the future and highly suggest you reach out to him as well.”

Eli Javitz.    (Canada) 

5 Stars

“I’ve had the honour of meeting this great man and having an instant connection. Tim has an incredible outlook on life and sees the greatness in others.   

Through his work as a coach and a breath master he was able to help me see how much more is possible for me both in my life and my career. 

With his guidance and breathwork, he also helped me remove some of those subconscious blocks that kept me from living the life I want.   

So reach out to this man and have a chat, you will be amazed when you discover what else is possible for you.   Thank you Tim for your guidance and friendship”.  

Fanie Naude

5 Stars

Breathe Your Stress Away:

Mario Bekes and Tim Wagner Discuss the Power of Breathwork

Mario asks Tim Wagner questions about his story from corporate business to coaching to breathwork guide.

For more information and to experience the power of a Transformational Breathwork Journey, click this link below to receive a FREE download of a 60-minute journey.

After all, experience trumps words 100% of the time.

What People Said About Breathwork

Karla Steenkamp


Workshop Feedback

Petra Lerango

What People Said About Breathwork

Karla Steenkamp


Workshop Feedback

Petra Lerango

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Bridging The Gap (Goal Achievement Plan)

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