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Discover the Transpirational™ guidance of Tim Wagner's signature:

  • Professional Pointer Coaching Program,

  • Self Centric Cycle Framework for self discovery and

  • Transformational Breathwork Journeys for stress release and clarity.

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A Transpirational Speaker™ is a speaker who seeks

Transformation through Inspiration.

“I provide the skills a person can use daily to enhance their lives on an ongoing basis and not just a feel good experience."

With 36 years in business including 16 years as a speaker, mentor and guide, Tim has supported thousands to transform their lives. Drawing on his rich experiences, he delivers authentic, high-energy talks live and virtually.

His Mantra is “Live life by your Design”

Tim is the creator of The Professional Pointer Program and the Self Centric Cycle Framework and specialises in stress release frameworks to avoid burnout, accessing inner strength and release trauma, anxiety and mental blocks to safely prevent burnout.

He is an expert teacher, motivator and transformational guide and speaks with confidence, clarity and energy both live and virtually.

His dynamic presentations and workshops are designed to inspire and transform, delivered with confidence, clarity, and high energy he draws on his successes and failures delivering an authentic message designed to inspire and transform his audience

Transformational | Holistic | Coaching | Stress Release | Breathwork


Pointing Business Entrepreneurs and owners in a new direction to find purpose and meaning in life from a stress free state.


Pointing you in a new direction to find PURPOSE and MEANING in your life.

I help Business Owners and Leaders to safely and confidently step into a new chapter of their life journey living by Design and not by Default.

You know how, when you reach your 40s, your stress levels rise, leaving you feeling demotivated, stuck, and questioning your career choices and life's purpose?

I believe every one can discover a new life journey and have greater success in business and your personal life.

Live your life by Design and not by Default

Imagine waking every morning with clarity, confidence and focus that comes from having a peace of mind in knowing WHO you are and what your direction in life is.

From this place of confidence and self motivation your relationships grow, your health improves and you discover success in your business.


“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

Imagine how much better your life would be if you learnt how to release your stress and trauma, get a great nights sleep and were able to focus more clearly.

This is not about stress management, but resolving the underlying cause of your stress and how you react to it in the first place.

Here is the great news - you all have access to this right hear, right now and yet few know how to harness its power.

  • Feel more excited, confident and alive

  • Reduce your stress and avoid burn out

  • Discover a new direction and clarity

  • Gain clarity of mind

  • Liberate yourself from old limiting beliefs, past traumas and fears.

  • Release past abundance blocks and allow in the new.

  • Build confidence and self esteem

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