This program is designed for business people and entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and needing clarity on the next chapter of their life.  

I understand fully the challenges, confusion and anxiety that comes with questioning one's purpose after dedicating decades to a corporate career and now being faced with major life-changing decisions. Having gone through this personally I now look back knowing it was only the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. You do not need to be alone during this transitional stage of your life.


A new and updated group Professional Pointer Program

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My program helps you reduce your stress and guide you to discover your passion, energy, and purpose. You will be taken through specifically designed exercises and worksheets aligning your dreams and goals with your true purpose and values, making you unstoppable in your new journey.

You will become energised to wake up every morning with a clear understanding of your life going forward, leading to a sense of hope and direction filling you with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for what you are doing.

I help you transition to the next phase of your life with clarity, enthusiasm, and focus, giving you the tools and support you need to take you from who you are now to who you want to be.

The ultimate aim is for you to be the best version of you. Once discovered, everything else will fall into place. Joy, happiness, connection with loved ones, freedom and a sense of peace and fulfilment.


There are two primary differences on the Professional Pointer approach:


I apply a holistic approach of stress release at the start in order to open your conscious mind to new opportunities and avenues that are available to you. When you carry your old baggage, stress and habits, that no longer serve you, there is little hope of creating an effective long term change in your life. This modality is called Transformational Breathwork.

More traditional approaches focus on mindset as the first modality, and while this is a crucial part of all life progress, this rarely leads to long term adoption as you will unconsciously fall back into old habits and therefor not benefit - long term - from the coaching offered.


Focusing on your core values, not the ones society deemed important for you, you will connect these with your ultimate dreams and goals which will help you in becoming the best version of you. This alignment will be your superpower, and you will be able to overcome any obstacle or problem in your journey.

More traditional approaches focus on what you need to do in your new chapter; ie the physical job or work. While this is an important step, in reality it forms as the organic result of all the other modalities we will cover. You are looking for a new chapter, so before this can begin, you need to put to rest your old chapter, habits and anxiety to then move forward.


Reduce Anxiety

Deal with stress and overwhelm

Focus on poorly functioning body

Lack of productivity

No motivation

   Subconscious pattern correction

Lack of direction

Lack of purpose

Self sabotage



Nail down the most pressing issues and apply fundamentals to eliminate them


As you see the progress from simple changes, it is time to supercharge the practices that are serving you and take them to the next level.


Focus on tuning the fundamentals in unconscious habits and implementing the minimal effective amount into your business and lifestyle


•      Master your stress

•      Maximise efficiency

•      Empowered Mindset

•      Create purpose and direction


Guiding you out of your comfort zone and asking tough questions for self-actualization

Stress release and focussed sessions to drop old habits that no longer serve you through the use of Breathwork journeys.

Through a guided journey of exercises and discussions, I will facilitate positive life improvement and direction.

I will coach you towards working within your area of natural expertise and following your true life purpose.

Together, we will identify your ultimate motivational points - your Values and Purpose

Through the exercises and discussions you will draw a roadmap to guide you from who you are to who you want to be.

You will be equipped with the strength and knowledge to keep going amidst adversity and an ever-changing environment.

Learn how to bring your family and loved ones along for a completely holistic approach and benefit.


Over the past 16 years in coaching, presenting, teaching and mentoring I was always puzzled why people struggled to maintain consistent focus towards the attainment of the dreams and goals.


Then 2021 happened and while the need for personal growth had escalated there was an ever growing amount of stress, anxiety and fear based beliefs that were holding people back.

In my search to become more impactful in my clients lives, I determined that while stressed and carrying old habits inside, people are not able to move forward with clarity, drive and a clear mindset.

This lead me to discovering the power of Breathwork to release stress in a natural, fast and long lasting way.


The traditional breathing exercises are effective, but until a person goes deeper to the root cause of the stress and anxiety you are not creating long lasting impact.


So I went on to become a fully certified Transformational Breathwork Guide as the longer term solution to living in a fast paced, highly stressed world.

The Professional Pointer Program now includes ongoing breath coaching creating an environment of mindlessness, relaxation and creativity in the development of a new personal reality.




Clarity and focus:

You will gain clarity on your values, strengths, and passions, allowing you to focus your time and energy on what truly matters.


Releasing stress

Through Breathwork focused exercises you will release carried traumas, fears and stress which will give you greater clarity, peace of mind, focus and energy.


Increased self-awareness

Through reflection and exploration, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your motivations, and your purpose in life.


A sense of fulfilment

By aligning your life with your purpose, you will experience a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in your personal and professional life.


Improved decision-making

By aligning your life with your purpose, you will experience a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in your personal and professional life.


Greater resilience:

Knowing your life purpose can help you navigate challenges and setbacks with greater resilience, as you have a deeper sense of meaning and purpose to guide you.


A sense of empowerment:

By taking control of your personal development and aligning your life with your purpose, you will feel more empowered and confident in your ability to create the life they want.


Improved relationships

Find your improved sense of self-awareness and purpose leading to stronger and more fulfilling relationships with others.


Better work-life balance

By discovering your life purpose beyond what you have achieved, you can create a better work-life balance that prioritises your personal growth and fulfilment.


Lasting personal growth:

The benefits of this coaching program extend beyond the program itself, as you can continue to apply what you have learned to your daily life, leading to lasting personal growth and fulfilment.


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