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2024 - here I come.

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25 Jan 24' 12 pm EST (7pm in SA)


The monthly Workshop you have come to love has received a facelift to end 2023 off with a BANG.

Join us for an inspiring monthly live webinar series hosted by Tim Wagner and Eli Javitz, where meaningful discussions come to life.

This is not your typical webinar –

We are UNSCRIPTED and ready to share.

This is not your typical webinar – it's a dynamic gathering of minds, aimed at empowering business leaders like you.

Why Attend?

Gain Insight: Explore insightful conversations that bring fresh perspectives to personal and professional challenges.

Find Inspiration: Hear from Tim, Eli, and special guests as they share stories of triumph, lessons learned, and strategies for success.

Foster Growth: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to personal and business development.

Scroll down to see who the amazing guests are that we will be chatting to.


This is what a few people said about Past workshops:

Workshop Highlights

Shantel Oelofse

5 Stars

"Thank you so much for everyone that was there. I love this workshop as it inspires me to be the person I want to be. I have learned so much since joining. Thank you so much for everyone that has put all this together. You really are amazing”.


5 Stars

“This was a great event.  All the speakers were fantastic.  Motivation and a new approach to our goals. Can’t wait for the next one”


5 Stars

Today’s meeting was even amazing than before. It was incredible. I learned so much and had a few changes for my perspective. Of course in a better way. I encourage everyone to join as many workshops as possible. You’ll be surprise what you’ll learn”


5 Stars

“Thank you so very much for the zoom last night.  For many years I have had the belief that whatever you say comes back at you and last night all 4 of the amazing speakers affirmed that for me."


5 Stars

“Loved the event - just what I needed to do - a 30 day assessment of 2023 and actually set goals.  Thank you all”.  


5 Stars

“I’m doing my 1% a day!.  That was a game changing realisation for me.  Thank you Tim!!” 

Shantel Oelofsa

5 Stars

“Amazing Tim.  As always I love your teaching.  You really helped me to be a better version of myself over the past months and I am so grateful that you were put on this journey.”

Emile VDW

5 Stars

“I enjoyed your webinar and enthusiasm for what you do is shining through. Your knowledge on what you do it also superb. I am glad that I had the opportunity to be present. I wish you great success in helping many more people as most people need to learn what you teach."


5 Stars

"Hi Tim, most certainly a super group of speakers assembled tonight the more I listen in on the same things presented by different people the more I grasp the meanings ..great evening”.

Leslie Rochelle

5 Stars

“Thank you so much for hosting and asking me to join in on the fun.  loved it!” 

Ashok Hutheram

5 Stars

"Thank you Tim for the great presentation and insights into managing out stress”. 

Annelise Boot

5 Stars

“The content was spot on and relevant. Why I found it so inspiring, is because the speakers spoke so comfortably and convincingly - truly walking the talk. Content can be shared by anyone but one can only accept it when it is shared by an authentic person...thank you for the opportunity. Looking forward to 27 July for the next one!”

Fanie Naude

5 Stars

A Year-End Discussion of Reflection, Intentions, and Gratitude.

🌟 Conversations that Count: Navigating Transitions 🌟


Tim Wagner:

Your Host and stress free Goal Activation Guide.

Tim Wagner is a Transformational Coach and Breathwork Guide.


As a dynamic speaker, coach and mentor for over 16 years, Tim specialises in personal development guiding entrepreneurs and teams to uncover their Unique Super Power from a stress and anxiety free state.

Through his signature Professional Pointer Program and breath work exercises, he empowers you to become consciously connected to your breathing for stress release as the primary starting point on the path to personal and business success.



Tim Wagner
Eli Javits

Eli Javits

Success Mindset Coaching

Eli Javits

Eli Javitz is a high-performance transformational life coach working with the legendary Bob Proctor, the world’s foremost authority on success, prosperity and the power of the mind.

Eli brings to the table an eclectic background including; 30+ years as a serial entrepreneur, expertise in health and wellness, self image, and self-esteem which allows him to really help his clients achieve a well-balanced personal and professional lifestyle to achieve quantum leaps in their success, easier and faster than ever before.


Kim Vermaak

Mindset Whisperer | Legacy Coach

Kim is a multi-talented South African author, speaker, trainer, coach and publisher who has been helping authors, entrepreneurs and knowledge workers build their brands for over 20 years.

Her passion - helping you to leave a lasting Legacy.

With a passion for bringing wisdom back into the art of storytelling, Kim has touched the hearts of many with her medieval fantasy series, while also empowering aspiring authors to turn their dreams into reality.

Kim's super power lies in using crushing events to transform not only herself but also the hearts and minds of others.

Tap into her wealth of knowledge and expertise in building successful book-preneur businesses.


Kim Vermaak

Dina Cramer. PCC, CRP

Certified Manifestations Coach

Dina Cramer is an internationally qualified professional coach, facilitator, author, metaphysician, and single mom to 4 wonderful sons. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of personal and leadership development; has written articles for numerous newspapers and magazines and has been a guest on various television and radio stations. She has coached executives at some of the top multinational companies in South Africa.

Dina's vision is to raise spiritual intelligence by increasing passion, purpose and consciousness. She does this by inspiring and empowering individuals and organizations to be the best they can be. She is passionate about Law of Attraction; Time to Think; Equine Facilitated Learning & Leadership; Reinvention; developing women in leadership; Ubuntu and so much more...


Dina Cramer

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the best. 

Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and get ready to unlock your true potential in the final month.

Together, we will create an extraordinary second half of 2023!


  • Reflecting on Achievements:

An open discussion on the achievements of the year both personally and professionally. Sharing success stories and lessons learned.

We have all had to overcome challenges and achieved remarkable goals in 2023 - hear from our Special Guest about their unique accomplishments.


  • Setting Intentions for the New Year:

Join in the discussion withDina Cramer around setting positive intentions for the upcoming year.


We will discuss our goal-setting strategies, vision boards, and the laws of attraction.



  • Creating a lasting Legacy in 2024

We know the world is full of chaos which is unavoidable.

  Join the discussion with Kim Vermaak about what you can do to be remembered.



These discussions will provide participants with valuable knowledge, tools, and techniques, but it will ultimately be up to each individual to apply these learnings and continue their personal development journey beyond the webinar.


If you are still finding your results are not where you would like to them to be, then this is for you:

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💬 Connect with Like-Minded Professionals:

Build connections with a community of business leaders and executives who, like you, are seeking inspiration and insights. The live experience allows you to network, exchange ideas, and form valuable connections.

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Gain exclusive access to live Q&A sessions with our hosts and special guests. Get personalised answers to your burning questions and delve deeper into the topics that matter most to you.

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